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Ravyn Miller won the 2024 ADN James Dallas Award!  This award recognizes a Medtronic leader that has demonstrated their commitment to the ADN (African Descent Network) community and has been a champion of inclusion and diversity. 

November 2023

Renee Dotson is appointed Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Business Counsel, Legal Affairs at 3M. In this role, Renee will be responsible for leading the Office of General Counsel global team of Business Group, Enterprise Supply Chain, Area, Region and Country aligned legal professionals. She will become a member of the Executive Conference. Renee was most recently Vice President and General Counsel, TEBG, Legal Affairs.

September 2023

Duchess Harris has been promoted to “Special Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Initiatives” at
Macalester College. This was announced today in TIME Magazine.  Harris was quoted, in this article 
several times.  Here is an excerpt, ““Trump is trying to create this new trope of ‘gangbanger mistress,’”
says Harris, drawing a line from “welfare queen,” a stereotype and potent political trope first deployed
by Ronald Reagan
, to “baby mama,” a term used to describe Michelle Obama to this latest one. “There’s
a history there,” she says, “and it plays upon people’s fears, about not just supposed [Black] criminality.
It’s presumed immorality. Policing women is America’s pastime. And policing Black women who are not
owned by white men is centuries old.”

Gaye Adams Massey being recognized by the Biz Journal as one of 2023’s Most Admired CEOs – the celebration is on September 20th at Quincy Hall in Minneapolis.

August 2023

Tanya Bransford received the Thurgood Marshall Award from the National Bar Association Judicial Council in August. 

February 2023

Black Leaders: Shelley Carthen Watson, YWCA Minneapolis – Shelley Carthen Watson

How Black Leaders Have Broken Barriers, and How the Next Generation Can Build on Their Work – Remi Kent

16th Annual Celebrating the Sistas Award Ceremony – Amelia Hardy and Michelle Miller

October 2022

Future is Female – 2022 Award Winner – Remi Kent

2022 Women of Color Achievement Awards Honoring Minneapolis Women Entrepreneurs Leading Successful Businesses – Tonya Allen, Tawanna Black and Shelley Carthen Watson

September 2022

Linkage’s Women in Leadership Executive Impact Award – Amelia Hardy

August 2022

Minnesota Lawyer – 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Awards announced – Michelle Miller

Summer 2022

Savoy – 2022 Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America – Kelly Baker, Remi Kent

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